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Cherie Kelly

I LOVE this work! I love it when you do figures and remember the painting you worked on when we were in painting class together. The Southern woman in the wedding dress...Remember how you kept reworking it till it wasn't a woman in a wedding dress anymore. (That was before we learned "know when to stop.") I also remember the painting of a line of African refugees through a chain link fence. Those were awesome narratives and figurative too. Don't give up, even if it frustrates you, to do paintings like these. The Mary from Revolation works because you stopped when it was finished! Good job. I LOVE IT! Love Cherie


Dale, so many thoughts on this one. Siblings and art could make up an entire novel, where there be dragons is at least a nice short story. How do I encapsulate everything I want to say in one comment box? I ought not say anything else but that this is wonderful, lest..."I am corralled and pigeonholed in an unwelcome compartment."

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Gallery of Past Work

  • Tree Houses
    Click on any thumbnail to view larger image of painting.

Exhibition: Anchorage Museum of History and Art

  • Mama Don't Allow
    GONNA SING MY HEAD OFF "Mama don't allow no singin' round here...Gonna sing my head off anyhow!" I am in my element. These are my colored, sparkling jewels: wrapped with my grandfather in his swing, "Sweet Chariot" his sole repertoire, my grandmother's ole gray goose dead, a pistol hidden under flowers in her basket, and me...loud, obnoxious, consistently off-key, and always out of tune. (Click on any thumbnail to view larger image of painting.)

Exhibition: Rainforest Arts Foundation Gallery NYC

  • So Rang the Bellwether
    SO RANG THE BELLWETHER The 120" x 72" oil on linen painting is an abstraction of the rain forest theme and depicts the ominous warning of man's intrusion into the untouched and pristine rain forest. "So Rang the Bellwether called me to wake up, pay attention, come out of my house, and witness a vast and deadly intrusion of man into the virgin landscape of the rain forest," said Fairbanks. "I was unprepared for the impact of oil on linen, the ominous fires, the shafts of light that forced their way through the lush greens to pierce my complacency." (Click on thumbnail to view larger image of painting.)

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